You don’t need a desktop PC anymore

There was a time where the amount of RAM was super relevant

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If you plan to buy a PC to only play games, get a console or get a doctor.

Today, the same questions I asked to my friends to build a PC, that where looking forward to, have now lost meaning.

1. Do you require a desktop PC?

Desktop PCs are synonymous of sedentarism, but not in a unhealthy way. It’s about trying to shove the most performant hardware regardless of size and weight. Today, most of the content creation you see on the Internet is done in front of this form factor: from a well-produced video on YouTube to the Boston Dynamics dog software. PC are used for people who create software, content, or research, so if the user qualifies into a “creator”, it may need one.

2. Do you have a large budget?

Budget is always a problem on all technology-related decisions, and for desktop PCs, this has become more than a problem in the recent years thanks to the crypto-mining and chip shortage.

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3. Are you tech savvy?

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4. Do you need portability?

This part will vary from person-to-person. Some users will need a machine to be with them most of the time, and make any place their office. For these people, having a functioning PC without a wall plug for some hours makes them very productive. Imagine a photographer that needs to send a preview to a client: there is a huge difference between sending a couple of photos during the photoshoot, than seeing them next day just to do the photoshoot all over again.

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5. Do you plan to upgrade?

If you plan to constantly inject money into a PC to keep it “top of the line”, then there is no other alternative. The only place that can withhold the test of time is the PC. Additionally, most of the hardware can be re-sold and re-used, so the used hardware market is a very good alternative as long you don’t let your guard down.

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