Why Apple doesn’t support Games on Mac?

Because… Apple doesn’t care about Games on Mac!

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If you want the M1 Max MacBook Pro, buy it for creative work, not for gaming.

To play games on a computer or laptop you will need a Windows PC with a GeForce graphics card. The market share for Microsoft’s operating system is just second to Android, and NVIDIA conquered the collective unconscious a while ago.

A chicken problem?

Imagine that a developer has a great idea for a game.

The only way Apple will give sh*t about gaming on Mac will be when there is money to be made.

Any executive can take a graph after a few weeks of launch and see when it will hit the market cap — when the game doesn’t bring more players, or for better wording, when all the players for a given platform. That’s when you hear about ports done to other smaller markets, like consoles, handhelds, and if there is little to no effort, PC. You could even see media spin-offs like comics, movies, TV series, or even other games aimed to different public. League of Legends and Dota 2 players can relate.

An Egg Problem?

Let’s say there already is a console or PC game that could make some revenue from the insipid Mac market share. Here is a technical problem: making it run on Mac is not just a recompile & repackage away.

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A chicken’s parent problem then?

There is no incentive for Apple to push Mac into the gaming space, and won’t be for many years.

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It’s the market fault

It’s funny to see videos and articles saying “Apple gaming is back”, when it’s clearly not. Gaming on Mac was, is, and will be an afterthought for Apple because it moves less money compared to any other thing they do.

Nobody can get past this graph. Mobile gaming just eats other markets for breakfast.

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