The PC Gaming is not dead, but is going to (updated)

Cryptocurrencies and RAM prices may kill it forever, unless they both explode into crisis which doesn’t seems to happen soon.

Paying the toll in memory lane

The proliferation of the mobile market has become a very important matter for RAM and NAND manufacturers. For the big three (Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron) this has become their primary focus.

This son of a gun sells, and memory with it too. (Apple)

The age of cryptocurrencies

GPUs are the de-facto tool to mine alternative coins. Bitcoin has become so prominent that, in search of more profitability, computer video cards where replaced for ASICs. Alternative cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, still use the aforementioned.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

…high-end GPUs are selling over the USD$ 1,000 mark and there is no telling if this will push prebuilts prices up too

Common knowledge blames partners and retailers. The theory is the following: they are keen to sell directly to miners first and foremost, because they ensure selling most of the inventory quickly. Due to the profitability of mining, miners are willing to pay more for a video card. That leaves the remaining card at high prices basically to tame those who are willing to pay premium.

Other things that ain’t helping ya

Memory modules and GPU Mining are two of the most important factors on the pricing hike we are seeing, but there are more things that are not helping to lower the entry barrier to have a PC Gaming machine.

AMD VEGA failure (for consumers)

Radeon Technologies Group really dropped the ball with this. The hype was higher for the new architecture, but it was an abysmal failure. VEGA came very came late to market, with low supply, with an horrendous performance-per-watt, and it couldn’t even properly compete with the GeForce 1070 and 1080, let alone the queen GeForce 1080 Ti.

VEGA 56 and 64 were supposed to be at least competitive. (AMD)

Easiness to create new cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin appeared looking like the only cryptocurrency to exists, but nobody knew that the techniques and tools to create it would spawn more. Now we have services who offer to be incharge of almost everything to get your new virtual currency up in minutes.

VR is cheaper in PlayStation 4

The VR Market for PC has solidified as a high-end niche. It will never hit the mainstream appeal unless the whole setup doesn’t go over USD$500 for a very good experience.

…for solely entertaining purposes, you should get a gaming console instead of a computer.

To compare, the Nintendo Wii did offered a new gaming experience with USD$299, worked everywhere, and outsold every other console in the world. Cheapness was the key, and even PlayStation Move and Kinect wanted a piece of the cake.

The best games are not PC exclusives anymore

Long gone are the days where PC gamers couldn’t wait until a great game made for consoles did the transition to PC. Nowadays, studios that made games for PC easily jump to the console market for additional income, like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Rocket League, to name a few.

Playerunknown’s Battleground is the top game of the year, available in consoles.

PC-independent devices

Embedded devices, smartphones and TV are driving the innovation, not the PC. Digital Assistants and Biometric Scans are smartphone exclusives, and only this year there is talkings about laptops with 3G/LTE modems, 11 years since the creation of the iPhone.

Prebuilts are the only option left, still.

This situations sucks, but Tek Syndicate gets its right. JayzTwoCents just made a childish ranting: you should be mining if you can and your electric bill allows you to, but for those who want a new computer, the only alternative is to pick prebuilt or a laptop.

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