Steam Deck has killed PC Gaming

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Once mainstream appealing, PC Gaming has become a niche for rich people.

“The end of the PC Gaming” era it’s difficult to understand when the concept itself is so broad, so we will narrow it as the market focus to push state-of-the-art video games on PC. That golden era has ended, and as consumers, we should accept it and move on.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

For those unaware, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a movie that homages the Golden age of American animation. That era lasted for almost three decades (1928~1960), to fell from grace once television became massively adopted. The TV replaced cinemas, as people started to come less to them where animations could be experienced.

Culprit one: Price

The first on the list are the people to blame for price hikes: the miners.

The only good of the Radeon RX 580 was the price, and even that is gone. — PCPartPicker

Culprit two: Mobile

The second culprit are smartphones and iPads. When publishers, the ones that have the money, decide to invest in the development of a game, they don’t do it for the passion the studio has, or the vision the developers share. They invest to double their money.

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Culprit three: Apple

The one on the top of performance chart right now is Apple and its M1 chip. The MacBook, iMac, Mac mini and iPad have incredible ARM chips that kicks around even the best Intel and AMD CPUs in the market at very competitive prices.

Culprit four: Consoles

Way before the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it was the consoles the ones to play catch with the PC platform. Every console that launched was somewhat “behind” the rapid technology advancements on the PC. It was expected, as these aimed to be sold some hundred bucks below the price of a mid-range PC and had to be mass produced.

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Culprit five: Steam Deck

Valve is not a dumb company. It may have gotten valid criticisms over their failed hardware endeavors these last years, but they tend to create great products with few drawbacks — except for Steam Machines, which felt more than a response to Windows 8. The Steam Deck is one of these.

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PC Gaming? It’s dead Jim

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