Laravel Wizard, scaffolding your database how YOU want it

The YAML way to push your app from idea to code

  1. connect the model with relationships,
  2. edit the posts migration,
  3. create the the factory and states,
  4. add database seeder,
  5. and probably add the PHP Docs to the properties of the Post model.
  6. Do the same all models you have in mind…
  7. … and you’ll probably miss something.

The Laravel Wizard we deserved but never got

Larawiz is short for “Laravel Wizard”, and aims to become one of those installation wizards where you check and uncheck what you want.

models:  User:
name: string
email: string
password: string
posts: hasMany
uuid: ~
title: string
body: longText
author: belongsTo:User
comments: hasMany
body: string
post: belongsTo
models:  Post:
name: string
tags: morphToMany:Tag,taggable
name: string
tags: morphToMany:Tag,taggable
name: string
posts: morphedByMany:Post,taggable
videos: morphedByMany:Video,taggable

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