Laravel: Collection and Validation methods ordered by “purpose”

You don’t have to read every single method in the documentation

Laravel documentation is probably one of the best out there considering it explains almost everything in a clear way. It’s your best ally when developing an application, but not all pages share the same love. For me, those are the Collection and Verification available methods.

They’re just a alphabetically ordered list separated in three columns, with little to no context about what you can do. If you want to do “something”, like extracting an item from the collection, the first thing on your mind would be “extract”, but this doesn’t exists. You must check every one to see if it that does what you need, as you can see:

I had to check this list over and over and over again.

Since I always end up going back to check if the method I need exists or not, I just made a list ordered by purpose.

About the validation methods, I also made a list based over what type of data goes in and what you want to validate. It should be more easy to pick the method you need.

Regrettably, I tried to PR this but wasn’t accepted 😥, but that doesn’t mean I can share it here.

Happy Coding!

Graphic Designer graduate. Full Stack Web Developer. Retired Tech & Gaming Editor.

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