Laravel: 3 ways of Processing a Job for a deleted Model

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Trying to pull our a rabbit from a hat, without the hat

Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\ModelNotFoundException: No query results for model [App\User]

A) From Model to Array to Model again

    public function __construct(array $user) {
$this->user = User::make($user)

B) Play with SoftDeletes and the primary key

    public function unregisterUser(User $user) {        FarewellUser::dispatch($user->id);        $user->delete();
public function __construct(int $id)
$this->user = User::withTrashed()->find($id);

C) Copy it to the Trash bin

public function unregisterUser(User $user)
'payload' => $user->toArray()
public function __construct(UserDeleted $userDeleted) {
$this->user = $userDeleted;
public function __construct(UserDeleted $userDeleted) {
$this->user = User::make($userDeleted->payload);

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