How Vuepress helped my documentation

Just a couple of hours and the site is up

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name: string
email: string
password: string
posts: hasMany
title: string
body: text
user: belongsTo

From Gitbooks…

Gitbooks became my first choice for the documentation: very intuitive, mostly graphical, supports a sort of “autosaved drafts” and multiple drafts, everything without a line of code or push/pull or knowing what git is. It integrated like a breeze to the fresh repository to hold everything.

…to Vuepress

So, how was the change? Well, Vuepress offers flexibility and some features that are not available in Gitbooks, at least not a first glance, like line code highlight. While there are features that the vanilla Vuepress theme doesn’t offer, there is a comprehensive list of plugins that makes it more complete.

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So, it’s Vuepress any good?

Going back to the documentation of Larawiz, yes, it’s good. Having flexibility on the theme makes it already better than Gitbooks, but I will miss the clearer GUI that offered to make text blocks like headers, hints, and some advanced syntax, at the grasp of a click. I literally miss pressing CTRL + / to open a menu with the different blocks of text I could add, which makes me focus on what to write, rather on verbosing my way up into the documentation.

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