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As The Shanghai Major closes and Team Secrets holds the prize, the only thing left for Compendium & Battle Pass owners is completing the quests from the different Paths. It’s not easy task, but for those who want to complete them before the Battle Pass expires this Match 30th, this is can help you in some extend.

Purchase Arcane Boots before the game timer hits 10:00.

This is kind of easy. Just get it as soon as possible with any support hero who can synergize from this build, or any other with low mana pool. From Arcane Boots you usually go Mekansm and then Guardian Greaves so you can benefit of the lower cooldown and dispels (like Silences, slows and others debuffs).

Recommended Heroes: Any hero. Support recommended.

Buy the Animal Courier, Flying Courier, and 3 Wards before the game timer reaches 10:00.

Standard stuff for the support or hard support. Just ensure to have an eye on the Stock counter on the Observer Wards. If you are contesting the support role with another player, ask nicely or just add the items to the Quick-Buy and spamm the Quick Buy button until they are available.

Recommended Heroes: Any hero. Support recommended.

Disable enemy heroes for 90 seconds

Disabling enemies for 90 seconds is kind of hard if your hero doesn’t have any lock down mechanism. Disables counts as Silences, Hard Disables, Stuns and Hexes, mainly, but you can get the full list here.

For this, an easy hero to spam is Bane, as you can disable two heroes at the same time using Nightmare (good for setting up kills, disabling heroes and saving teammates) and Fiend’s Grip. other not-so-easy heroes and abilities are: Naga Siren’s Ensnare and Song of the Siren, Elder Titan’s Echo Stomp, Outworld Devourer’s Astral Imprisonment and Meepo’s Earthbind… if you have the guts.

Recommended Heroes: Bane

Buy Aghanim’s Scepter as a [random hero] before the game timer reaches 40:00.

This can get messy but it really depends on your luck. Basically, there is a lot of time so you shouldn’t rush Aghanim’s Scepter as long is not core on the support hero chosen for you. Spend your gold on other mid-game items instead, or get a Hand of Midas early so you can have a steady income for late-game items.

Deal 12500 or more Magic or Pure damage to enemy heroes.

For the Magic damage you can easily pick heroes with high burst damage and low cooldown, also known as Nukers. Zeus is one of the most prominent nowadays, but he can be shut down with Magic Immunity and Magic Resistance, so he basically have to snowball mid-game before the other team does if you want to secure this quest.

If Zeus is not your cup of tea, Lina and Timbersaw are good nukers who have Magic and Pure damage available — Lina through Aghanim’s Scepter though.

Nyx Assassin with Dagon, Lion, Necrophos, Jakiro, Ogre Magi, Pugna, Tinker and Venomancer are also good alternatives. Remember that Orchid of Malevolence, Veil of Discord and Ethereal Blade can amplify damage.

Recommended Heroes: Zeus, Lina, Timbersaw.

Restore 3500 HP and 1750 mana to friendly heroes.

Early game you can get Arcane Boots / Mekansm with Urn of Shadows, and transition to Guardian Greaves. It should suffice but you never know, so going for other hard support heroes can be really good to complete the quest as the HP restored is quite high.

Pugna is very good with his Ultimate, Life Drain, as it can restore HP directly from Pugna’s own HP pool very quickly. Warlock with his Shadow Word and Witch Doctor’s Voodoo Restoration can also be good picks but for the latter it may prove to be kind of difficult as his ability has to be focused early on and spammed. For those more aggressive, Necrophos can be a good pick if you go for a supporting and disabling role.

Recommended Heroes: Pugna, Warlock, Witch Doctor.

Get a kill or assist within 30 seconds of using Smoke of Deceit, 2 times.

Very straightforward. The problem lies on the Smoke of Deceit stock, as it have been nerfed. You will start with 3 stocks and it will need 12 min to get another one, so you will need to communicate with your team to make a successful Smoke & Kill.

I recommend heroes who are good in starting fights at medium range, with good disables (stuns, silences, slow, etc) because is easy to set a Smoke Gank and lose sight of your target once he knows you are coming for him without any kind of lock down.

Recommended Heroes: Anyone who can lock downan enemy in place at mid-range.

Place 6 Observer Wards and deward 2 enemy Observer Ward.

Easy as pie, but you will depend much on keeping sight of enemy movement. As Observer Wards doesn’t come cheap (200 gold for each pair), be sure to deward common places and be on the lookout on enemy movement, as it can reveal that they see you through an Observer Ward nearby, or they’re planting one — specially near the river when the game starts.

Recommended: Map awareness

Across multiple victories: Reveal 10 invisible enemy heroes, causing them to die within 30 seconds of being revealed.

This is kind of tricky, so leave it to after you complete the Path of Patreon. The good news is that is optional and it can be done “Across multiple victories”, but the sad part is that you will have to reveal somebody invisible — basically use Dust of Appearance, Sentry Wards or Gem of True Sight against them.

While Slardar and Bounty Hunter are rendered useless in this quest, Spirit Breaker can come in handy after somebody goes invisible (Riki, Bounty Hunter, Nyx Assassin, Weaver, Mirana, Templar Assassin or anybody with Shadow Blade) to escape, or just use Zeus.

It’s just better to wait for the enemy lineup and see if you can activate the quest or just go for another.

Recommended Heroes: Situational, Zeus or Spirit Breaker. Dust of Appearance and Sentries are mandatory.

Save 1 friendly hero from death, by preventing or healing before a lethal attack.

Saving an enemy from a lethal blow can be easily done with Dazzle. Keep your Shallow Grave always available and in range of your most important hero — usually, the one who can do keep doing the most damage. Is a no-brainer.

It is said that Fate’s Edict from Oracle can work if somebody is nuking a friendly hero, but is unconfirmed.

Recommended Heroes: Dazzle.

Stack 6 neutral creep camps, 2 of them must be Ancient.

This is very good for supporters in the safe lane, but it can be also easily done using junglers with more secondary units like Enigma, Beastmaster, Nature’s Prophet and Lycan. Just be sure to stack correctly at :53 mark, and :55 mark on the Ancients side.

You can stack 4 neutral creeps camps and leave two ancients for the final stack, as they may be out of reach if you are in the safe lane. You can also use this if your lanes have enough momentum to stack safely.

If you don’t have any Carry able to wipe a stacked camp safely, you can just stack the easy camp and pull the creep wave several times.

Recommended Heroes: Nature’s Prophet, Beastmaster, Enigma, Lycan.

Heal 5000 HP for friendly heroes as a [random hero].

Very straightforward, but is recommended to pair with obligatory Urn of Shadows and Guardian Greaves, as 5000 HP can be very steep for some heroes. Also, the HP Healing as to be effective to count, so don’t forget to heal those in need instead of just spamming Mekans/Urns/Greaves for no reason at all.

Pinging your items so your teams can know that you are gonna heal them is almost mandatory. The more, the merrier!

Deal 5000 damage to enemy heroes with your ultimate as a [random hero].

This is some kind of random thing, so all will depend on the match itself. If your hero has items that can enhance the damage of his ultimate, go for it as long as doesn’t cripple another important items.

For example, I played with Earth Shaker and I couldn’t afford a Aghanim’s Scepter, so I bought a Veil of Discord instead and I won the match spamming my abilities.

Get 3 assists before the game timer reaches 10:00.

This is very tricky, but it can be done with heroes that can setup a gank or rotation before itemization. That means, likes of Queen of Pain, Spirit Breaker, Invoker, Tusk, just to name a few.

Personally, I recommend using Queen of Pain or Spirit Breaker and spam them until you get the early-game upper hand. Just bear in mind that you don’t have to kill, you need to get the assist, so let your teammate finish the job.

With Lich, cast a Chain Frost that bounces on heroes at least 6 times.

Lich’s Ultimate, Chain Frost, bounces 10 times at any level, so you have to time it well. It’s effectiveness will be high as long as enemy team remains close and packed.

Some recommendations are to counter initiate with Chain Frost, and, if you have the opportunity, get inside the enemy fountain with Ghost Scepter and land it before the game ends.

Good luck getting The Serakund Tyrant set!

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