Fall 2016 — Battle Pass: Path of the Saboteur

For those looking for kills anywhere on the map because doing them in your lane is too mainstream.

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Valve has released a new Battle Pass for Fall 2016, that will run until January 2th — that’s two weeks after Fall formally ends. With that, new Paths for fun, more rewards, and three more Mythical sets. A lot of things just for USD$7.99.

Personally I think the sets look cool but the that Bounty Hunter seems uninspiring to me. Anyway, I think a lot of people will like it.

The first Path I’m gonna talk is the last one, the Path of the Saboteur. At first glance looks like a support should have no problems on this, but it's not for them. This Path is oriented on players who like to roam, gank, and get kills early game; is focused heavily on heroes who succeed on that, be a core support or not.

A particular thing for these Quests is about the “Recommended Heroes” that I usually put at the end of each quest, to highlight what Heroes are good for the task. A lot of these Quests can be done using any hero, so don’t expect a list or specific heroes. Yeah, Valve learned from the past Battle Pass, but there are still some Quests that should be nerfed and some that should be done with a particular hero for the easiness of it.

Let's get this starting.

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Rune their Day

Pick up or Bottle 4 / 8 /12 Runes.

Seems very straightforward. Logically you should pick a hero who succeeds in mid, but you can also be at the side-lanes and be aware to get the rune every 2 minutes — hence the “roaming” aspect of this path.

There is no much rocket science on this. Be always aware of them during all the match duration as they spawn every 2:00 min, as you can guess the 12th runes will spawn at 24:00 min mark (if you only get one every time and didn’t took the staring one).

I personally recommend heroes with ganking potential (mobility + stun / slow). For me is Bounty Hunter, but for you can be Lion or Pudge with Smoke. A good rune (Haste, Invisibility, Double Damage, Arcane) can set a mid kill very easily.

Recommended Heroes: Roaming or Good Mobility Heroes.

Ultimate Achievement

Get level 6 before the game timer reaches 06:30 / 05:30 / 04:30

This is a tricky one. A very tricky one, because involves early kills and solo-lane presence. Roaming is not an option, but instead, getting a good mid-laner Hero and ask for a mid-gank is crucial, or also good off-laners who can be solo and not die.

Some speed junglers can exceed on this but is very difficult. As seen on these videos, jungling with Axe or Venomancer can get to you Level 6 very early. Bloodseeker and Enigma are good candidates with some practicing. Note to Axe, Counter Helix has been nerfed at Level 1, so take that into consideration.

Personally, I think this quest is very much luck on the first minutes. I would leave this quest as last, while I expect Valve nerf this one. It should be 8:00 / 7:00 / 6:00.

Recommended Heroes: Axe, Venomancer, Enigma, Bloodseeker.

Something of a Tradition

Across multiple victories: Get or assist in 1 / 2 / 3 First Blood(s)

Pretty straightforward. For this, is recommended to always have the initiative and the element of surprise. Invisible heroes, or those with high mobility and good initiation, along with your teammates, can aid you to complete this.

For this particular task, I recommend heroes who can stun from afar and keep a hero locked down. With some help of course, a kill will happen.

Recommended Heroes: Spirit Breaker, Axe, Earthshaker, Pudge, Tusk, Slark, Vengeful Spirit, Crystal Maiden, Invoker (Cold Snap), Jakiro, Lion, Shadow Shaman, and Ogre Magi. Also, your usual Carry or Nuker.

Urning Opportunities

Spend 4 / 8 / 12 charges on a friendly or enemy Heroes with Urn of Shadows.

Urn of Shadows is not a costly item, and is very useful on heroes who don’t scale well with HP and tend to be very fragile, especially on mid game.

The key is to be close to the kills, even if you can’t participate on the damage department. It’s very useful to use on teammates whose heroes are fragile but have the possibility to re-engage. For example, Crystal Maiden urning a fellow Anti-Mage or Queen of Pain is totally okay so they can get back to the fight.

Recommended Heroes: Roaming Heroes or Supports.

Long Distance Breakup

Get 2 / 4 / 6 Kills on Heroes from more than 1300 range.

Here we go to the long-spells-nukers. Heroes with the capability to make damage from very afar are welcomed, so Zeus is the very first option with his Ultimate.

Other heroes who can succeed on this are Sniper with his Ultimate, Ancient Apparition with his Ultimate, Windranger’s Powershot, Nature’s Prophet with his Ultimate, Techies with far placed mines, Invoker with a lot of Sunstrikes and Tornados, and Warlock’s Golems.

Special mention to Enchantress with a well placed Hurricane Spike.

Recommended Heroes: Zeus, Sniper, Ancient Apparition, Windranger, Nature’s Prophet, Warlock.

Disarming Personality

Successfully use Heaven’s Halberd on enemy heroes 3 / 6 / 9 times.

A simple task, but very difficult depending on the enemy lineup. Usually it’s good to buy it on Strength heroes, but even if not, is highly recommended to use against any physical carry as long as you can get them and not die on the process.

My first bet is for Strength heroes with good initiation and a decent physical damage (right clicking). Obviously, you can build it over whoever you want — as long it is used, it will count.

Recommended Heroes: Spirit Breaker, Kunkka, Dragon Knight, Huskar, Lycan, Night Stalker, Wraith King, among others.

Fat and Sassy

Across multiple victories: End 2 / 4 / 6 Enemy Kill Streaks.

This is tricky. You have to kill an enemy that has killed at least 3 heroes in a row. So basically you focus on that particular hero and claim the kill, which sounds like nonsense considering the guy has already made 3 kills.

The good part is that you can end this Across multiple victories, so don’t sweat it if you can’t get one. Is safe to left this quest (and the next three) as last.

As dlatt says, Heroes who can “Kill Secure” can exceed in this, like Necrophos and Axe, along with Heroes who have heavy Burst damage, like Zeus, Lina, Lion, Nyx Assassin and Bounty Hunter.


Stun 2 or more Heroes at once 2 / 4 / 6 times.

Just get your favorite AoE stunner and be ready to land those spells. Tidehunter should be the option here along with Earthshaker. Puck and its* Ultimate, Dream Coil, should count but it’s not tested. Warlock’s Chaotic Offering and TechiesStasis Trap are very good on team fights. Enigma’s Black Hole should count, and Sand King with Aether Lens and/or Aghanim’s Scepter is recommended.

Earth Spirit and Bounty Hunter can exceed on this with tracked heroes, but is not tested, because the quests’ descriptions says clearly: “at once”, like “simultaneously” and “at the same time”.

* Puck has no gender, btw.

Recommended Heroes: Earthshaker, Tidehunter, Techies, Enigma.
Other options: Centaur Warruner, Elder Titan, Tiny, Sand King.

Instant Karma

Reflect 2 / 4 / 6 incoming spells with Lotus Orb.

Pardon me, THIS is a challenge. Lotus Orb is a very situational item. I mean, to successfully work it needs Targeted Spells and Items. If the whole enemy team has them, it’s your lucky day. Otherwise, try again next time.

As always, Lotus Orb is not only for you. Use it to defend your most valuable hero against spells and items (like Orchid, Atos, Eul, etc), and more if is used to initiate or counter initiate a teamfight.

The mana regeneration and armor are very useful for Strength-based heroes, so you can aim for these.

For Fun and Profit

Across multiple victories: Kill 2 / 4 / 6 enemy Courier(s).

This is my favorite one. There are two “easy” ways to land this across multiple games:

  • Use Nature’s Prophet, ward near the enemy’s Fountain with Smoke, and be ready to use Teleportation when you see the courier going in or out. Kill it, and TP back (have one before doing this, though).
  • Be Bounty Hunter / Riki and stay behind towers (like mid) to sniper the courier on his way. You need to be more aware of enemy items here.

It’s totally normal if you can’t snipe the courier in one game. It says “Across multiple victories” so don’t sweat it.

Binge on Purge

Purge 3 / 6 / 9 debuffs on allied heroes.

Heroes for this special task are few. Oracle should be your first choice as long as you know how to play him. Otherwise, Abaddon and Omniknight are also good options if you don’t feel comfortable with Oracle.

Otherwise, you can always buy Diffusal Blade on your hero, specially on those who rely on it as a Core Item, to use on your allies. For Supports, Guardian Greaves are obligatory to purge debuffs.

As Immanuel says, you can also use Slark and purge yourself using Dark Pact. Well, that means that your hero counts as an “allied hero”. Weird wording on Valve.

Recommended Heroes: Oracle, Abaddon, Omniknight, Slark.

There for You

Across multiple victories: Get 2 / 6 / 10 Kills or Assists on Heroes that are under protection of their Tower.

Since 6.87, Towers now grant armor to Allied Heroes inside a 900 radius, so to get this quest you should practically dive deep on deem. At least, that’s what I understand from the quest, instead of talking about the Tower Attack Range (700).

Tanky heroes who can absorb the damage while your teammates set up the kill are welcomed here. Communication is key, because someone has to absorb the damage sometimes.

Midfight Restorative

Use Refresher 2 / 4 / 6 times.

If you want a challenge, this one is it. Refresher Orb, a 5200G item, is very pricey, and only goes online every 195 seconds (3:15 min).

Consider it on Heroes on Long-Ass-Cooldown-Ultimates: Zeus, Tidehunter, Wraith King, Enigma, Dark Seer, Sand King, Faceless Void, Death Prophet, Invoker, Lich, Necrophos, Outworld Devourer, Silencer, Shadow Shaman, Winter Wyvern and Warlock.

Remember, 6 times of Refresher Orb stacks up to 20 minutes. Yes, 20 minutes refreshing your abilities and items, so you may build it as your first big item as the match can end before you use it 3~4 times. Yeah, seriously.

Personally, I expect Valve to nerf it to “Across multiple victories”. 6 times in a match it is fucking insane. And the guy who did this should reflect on his actions the whole day.

Draw Blood from Mana

Deal 7500 / 12500 / 17500 or more Magic or Pure Damage to Enemy Heroes.

Pretty much covered in the Put the Mage in Damage of Path of the Spellbinder. So I will copy and paste that, considering Timbersaw is cancer level by today’s standards:

Magic Damage? Zeus, again. If not, Timbersaw can be a good choice as his spells vary between Pure Damage and Magical Damage. Invoker does a good chunk of damage between these two when he goes the Q-E-Carry-way, and Spectre can live up to this combining Radiance and Desolate.

There are a lot of heroes who can ramp up this Quest, and Nukers are recommended.

Hunting Party

Cast a Shuriken Toss that bounces on at least 2 enemy heroes 2 / 4 / 6 times, and earn 750 / 1500 / 2250 Gold for your team.

No rocket science on this. Only three very straightforward strategies.

First, always be ready to track heroes, but mind your Shadow Walk cooldown. Always try to use Track at the end of Shadow Walk cooldown, because if they spot you, you can be instantly killed without your invisibility available.

Second, to land a bouncing Shuriken Toss, you should always consider that it will bounce if there is a tracked hero nearby even if the first objective is not, so use creeps and untracked heroes if you are out of range.

Third, always track near-death enemies. Always let your team wait for you to track a hero before killing. For 2250G, considering early tracks kills, you should be around 8~12 Track Kills in a game.

Note, Track has been nerfed as it cost 65 Mana. That means, you will run out of mana pretty easily in the Early game.

That’s pretty sums everything. Good luck getting that Kit of the First Hunt set!

Graphic Designer graduate. Full Stack Web Developer. Retired Tech & Gaming Editor.

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