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New Compendium, new Paths, but now the Quests have a tier difficulty. While it counts to be completed in any circumstances, the 3-star system gives enough playtime for those who want to re-run a Quest and have better scoring while they squeeze their Battle Pass.

As it was with the Winter Battle Pass, the three Paths are focused in roles, but in this this occasion they are a lot more aggressive. The Path of Rogue, the first in your Battle Pass, is meant for the off-laners and roamers.

Cut the line

Purchase Phase Boots before the timer reaches 13:00 / 9:00 / 7:00.

Buying Phase Boots is easy as pie; you need to get 1240 gold. To do that before the 7:00 mark, you can start with getting one Blades of Attack (420 Gold) as a starting item if you really don’t want to miss the ★★★ rating.

Bountiful Reconnaissance

Pick up or bottle 3 / 6 / 9 Bounty runes.

Getting 9 Bounty Runes seems easy, but it’s not. Considering you won’t secure the first one, you may have to wait until the 20:00, and by that time the focus on runes will be from the team with more space secured.

I would recommend to get the most from the start if you are offlaning, or aiding your midlaner, as it will be more difficult to do mid-game.

Invisible heroes, or very mobile heroes, are recommended for this task as they can go in and out quickly or without being seen: Clinkz, Riki, Bounty Hunter, and Nature’s Prophet, for example.

Arcane Deficit

Deal 2000 / 3500 / 5000 mana burn to enemy heroes.

That sound like a lot, but it’s not when you are Anti-Mage or Phantom Lancer. While Anti-Mage can deal up to 192 Mana Burn with one hit from him and his illusions, Phantom Lancer needs to be Level 11 to make similar damage with his illusions.

Naga Siren can be a good choice if you are not so good with these heroes, but that means giving up a Radiance at mid-game if you are sloppy. For me, AM is the way to go — even going for Urn of Shadows instead of Battlefury so I can speed up the Manta Style.

For those who are bad with the Carry position, Keeper of the Light with its Mana Leak can help. Nyx Assassin is also a good choice along with Invoker’s Tornado + EMP setups.

Recommended Heroes: Anti-Mage, Phantom Lancer, Naga Siren
Other Heroes: Nyx Assassin, Invoker

Silent Mercies

Deny 15 / 30 / 45 friendly creeps.

Probably a very difficult task considering the ★★★ rating means to deny 45 friendly creeps. I recommend using heroes who can do it with their spells, like Enigma and Lich. I wouldn’t recommend using Clinkz or Doom for this task, as neutral camps doesn’t count as friendly. It will take a lot of time, but you may do it early if you also actively deny creeps with these heroes.

If you want an alternate route, you can play with Clockwerk and deny your own cogs. There are 8 cogs, and they only takes one hit from Clockwerk. You can get 45 in less than 2 minutes or so.

Recommended Heroes: Clockwerk
Other Heroes: Enigma, Clinkz, Doom.

Note: It seems that denying with Lich doesn’t count towards the Quest. Caution is advised.


Purchase Shadow Amulet / Shadow Blade / Silver Edge before the game timer reaches25:00.

Silver Edge at the 25:00 mark means having a very good early game, as you will need 5100 Gold to get it. Good news is, Shadow Blade costs 2700 Gold, so after you get this item it’s recommended to start ganking actively so you can reach the remaining 2400 Gold.

Slark, Ursa, Viper, Enchantress, Lina, Legion Commander, Lifestealer, Pudge, Sven and Wraith King are very good with an early Shadow Blade. Almost any hero who has a lock in mechanism and enough damage to pull down a kill, and better with map control.

Just remember that, if the enemy team lack of supporting roles, you may have the advantage once the map opens up.

Just Dewards [Optional]

Deward 3 / 5 / 7 or more enemy Observer Wards.

The sole act of dewarding 7 enemy wards isn’t difficult. The problem is not only being aware of where they can be, but if your teammates can aid in that task (through pings, chat or their abilities). Also, hope the enemy team is warding the map too on predictable spots.

If you are in for this task, Zeus is a no brainer as he can deward whenever he wants. A Quelling Blade is also recommended so you don’t stay too much visible trying to bring down the ward.

Terrors Unseen

Accumulate 3000 / 4500 / 6000 damage to enemy heroes after leaving invisibility

Such high damage after leaving invisibility are just reserved for heroes who can hit hard after being visible. Templar Assassin, Vengeful Spirit, Outworld Devourer, and a fat Kunkka, just to name a few.

It’s recommended to rush a Shadow Blade (in case you don’t have invisibility in your hero) and go for something to lock-in, like Diffusal Blade, Rod of Atos, Skull Basher, or Orchid of Malevolence.

Miss you More

Purchase Solar Crest before the game timer reaches 22:00 / 18:00 / 14:00.

It’s kind of difficult to make Solar Crest (2875 G) for a roaming hero, so it’s recommended on those who have this item as core build. Vengeful Spirit is one of those with Lycan. Bounty Hunter is a good choice too but it will compromise is mana pool. Legion Commander is also good but that means no early-initiation item. Huskar is a good bet, but risky for Bristleback if you want to stack it with Viscous Nasal Goo.

The easy path on this is pick Alchemist, one of the best farmers in the game, or Clinkz, who can benefit greatly from the negative armor.

Recommended Heroes: Vengeful Spirit, Alchemist, Clinkz
Other Heroes: Bounty Hunter, Huskar, Legion Commander, Bristleback.

Not if I see your First.

Deal 600 / 750 / 900 or more damage to an enemy hero in a single physical attack.

Pick Phantom Assassin, and get quickly to Level 16, as it can be easy from here to get 900 of damage with just one critical hit. The rest goes a s anormal match of dota could do.

Evasive Action [Optional]

Evade or disjoint 30 / 45 / 60 enemy hero attacks, 1 / 3 / 5 must be spells..

The best hero to evade everything is Puck, so pick it. Hope for the best if is not your hero. Blink Dagger is mandatory, and good map awareness too.

You can also Evade with Phantom Assassin and Brewmaster, and disjoint with a Blink Dagger. Heroes with invisibility can also Disjoint some spells, like Riki and Bounty Hunter, and so with Shadow Blade or Glimmer Cape.

Items good to evade are Solar Crest, Butterfly and Heaven’s Halberd.

Recommended Heroes: Puck
Other Heroes: Phantom Assassin, Brewmaster, Riki, Bounty Hunter

Tracker Keeper

Earn 5 / 10 / 15 bounties from Tracked enemies as Bounty Hunter.

It’s recommended to play Bounty Hunter as a roamer and support. While you won’t have any kill potential alone, tracking heroes that your team will bring down its the key. In other words: set kills for killeable heroes.

Also, track whatever you can without giving away your position. Tracking behind towers and away from a teamfight is a good idea.

Shining Nightmare [Optional]

Gain 16 / 24 / 30 stacks of Essence Shift and purge 6 / 12 / 18 debuffs using Dark Pact as Slark.

To get so high level of Essence Shift stacks and a lot of debuff, its recommended to pick it against heroes who rely on debuffs, especially slows or damage over time.

Assassin’s Art

Accumulate 25 / 40 / 55 seconds of stuns on enemy heroes using Sacred Arrow, and deal 2500 / 5000 / 7500 magic damage to enemy heroes using Starstorm as Mirana.

Pick Mirana, practice your arrow, and get Aghanim’s Scepter after a Maelstrom. That’s the whole thing. Good luck.

I’m sure it was nothing

Kill 3 / 6 / 9 enemy heroes 15 seconds after being invisible.

Well, I got it wrong the first time. For this quest you have to be invisible, and then kill an enemy after leaving invisibility under 15 seconds.

For this, heroes like Clinkz, Riki, Bounty Hunter, Templar Assassin and even Mirana, can be useful. If not, you can always go for Shadow Blade with your favorite hero.

Recommended Heroes: Clinkz, Riki, Bounty Hunter, Templar Assassin, Mirana.
Other Heroes: Any Carry with good kill potential with Shadow Blade.

The Shadow Walker Rises

Purchase Crystalys / Orchid Malevolence / Bloodthorn and kill 6 / 8 / 12 enemy heroes as Clinkz.

Truly a test for the skilled. Try to always be use the small windows of farming, and consuming those big neutrals to farm more efficiently. The rest will be up to you.

Next up is the Path of Warrior.

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