Easy points: The Path of the Spellbinder

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The last path of The International Battle Pass. I already covered the Path of the Warrior and Path of the Rogue, if you need help with these paths.

This one is focused on those good with magic. Prepare to face mana problems, long cooldowns, missed spells and changing the tide of the battle in favour of the enemy team. Just your average Dota 2 match.

School Uniform

Within a single victory, purchase Arcane Boots before the game timer reaches 13:00/9:00/7:00.

You are gonna hate me, but if you are not a core hero getting the last hits it’s gonna be very difficult to get Arcane Boots before the 7:00 mark. Hell, even before the 15:00.

My personal recommendation is to go for heroes who have it as a core item (or at least as viable one) and can actually last-hit… with… something. Or tell your teammate you need some gold, see how that goes.

You could also go for the usual jungling Enigma or Chen and get Arcane Boots, sacrificing some an early Blink Dagger or Hand of Midas.

Recommended Heroes: Lina, Zeus, Necrophos, Nyx Assassin, Dark Seer, Timbersaw.
Other Heroes: Venomancer, Pugna, Enigma, Chen.

Into Thick Air

Within a single victory, debuff enemy heroes with Movement Speed Slows for 100/175/250 seconds.

I think that no one can be better at this task than Venomancer. His plague wards can disrupt an enemy Blink, and whatever they hit will be slowed up to 15 seconds. Hit again and the time of Poison Sting will be refreshed.

Obviously, there are a lot of heroes who can slow, but few can spam this with their spells and not deplete their entire mana pools. Lich as three spells made for this, and Omniknight’s Degen Aura comes for free but you have to be very close. Silencer’s Arcane Curse can also work if you spam it, as with Batrider.

Recommended Heroes: Venomancer, Batrider, Lich, Viper.
Other Heroes: Omniknight, Storm Spirit, Silencer, Winter Wyvern

Range Finder

Within a single victory, purchase Aether Lens before the game timer reaches 20:00/15:00/12:00.

Yeah, Aether Lens costs 2300G. Yeah, that’s enough to make you ditch it in favour of Mekansm, Vanguard, Veil of Discord, Blink Dagger, or even Hood of Defiance.

You should go for an Aether Lens rush if you have the benefit of the added range bonus in all of your spells. As always, you are free to build it on whatever you want, but there is the list of heroes where Aether Lens doesn’t feel like a useless thing for more than 40 minutes, and can farm it well.

Recommended Heroes: Zeus, Disruptor, Death Prophet, Earth Spirit, Jakiro, Lina, Ogre Magi, Pudge, Pugna, Shadow Shaman, Timbersaw, Vengeful Spirit and Winter Wyvern.

If A Hero Falls and Makes No Sound

Within a single victory, Silence enemy heroes for 60/100/140 seconds.

Silencing for 140 seconds is one of the most difficult task until you are Silencer. His global Silence is a very good disable and Last Word can work very well to add up seconds. Over that, put a Orchid of Malevolence and you should kill anybody (with some help). Hell, even put a Scythe of Vyse on that.

Target hexed or stunned also count has silenced, because they can’t use their spells. For that, Lion and Shadow Shaman are experts, along with the ultra-recommended Bane. But Last Word can have a cooldown of 12 seconds and with that, the Silence takes 6 seconds. It's a very good deal.

Recommended Heroes: Silencer
Other alternatives: Lion, Bane, Shadow Shaman

Mother Nature’s Candy

Within a single victory, Pick up 5/6/8 runes, 1/2/3 must be Arcane Runes.

To take 8 runes it’s not THAT difficult at all if we say, for example, that the eighth rune in this Quest spawns at 18:00 mark. To complete this Quest you should be very aware at the even minutes (2, 4, 6, 8… etc), and to get to the Rune Spawn points when the clock ticks before the enemy team.

My recommendation: ward behind the rune (depending if you are Dire or Radiant) or just deward the rune spawn point.

Shop Smart

Within a single victory, purchase Necronomicon/Necronomicon (Level 2)/ Necronomicon (Level 3) before the game timer reaches 25:00.

Necronomicon it’s a very good mid-game item if you go straight to this. While it’s almost useless in the first level, and just becoming occasional push units, the third level is guaranteed Tier 1 Tower. If there is a invisible unit, then Necronomicon Level 3 is core for you.

Heroes who have a good pushing power with another friendly units can benefit greatly from Necronomicon. Those include Beastmaster, Lycan, Broodmother and Nature’s Prophet. Other that not quite benefit from it, but its considered viable, are Invoker and Arc Warden.

Recommended Heroes: Beastmaster, Lycan, Broodmother, Nature’s Prophet.
Other Heroes: Invoker, Arc Warden.

Iceblast It All To Hell

Within a single victory, deal 3000/5000/7000 Magic damage to enemy heroes using Ice Blast as Ancient Apparition.

Let’s face it, Ancient Apparition’s Ice Blast is very hard to land when you just want to land it on something. The good part is, that it can make 450 of magical damage when it lands, and another 320 in 10 seconds.

Not bad. Multiply that for 10 times and you get 7700 of magic damage. Enough times and opportunities to land it.

If you have any problem getting your Magic Damage up, Aghanim’s Scepter provides 17 seconds of 32 damage, dealing almost 1000. Definitely item you should get if things are getting difficult. Of course, Veil of Discord can be also a good option if you are playing as Position 5 because you die a lot.

As a word of advice, if the enemy team white flags, you can always hit the fountain. With enough time, you can ramp your quest indicator by some thousands.

It’s Pure Magic

Within a single victory, Damage enemy Heroes 10/15/20 times with a minimum of 100 magic or Pure damage within 10 seconds.

The caveat is hitting more than 10 times inside the 10 seconds window. For that, hands down to Crystal Maiden — a good ultimate can give you 3 stars easily. Leshrac can also be very suitable, if you are comfortable with that hero.

Remember that this Quest doesn’t take into account if you hit the same very hero 20 times, it will also count.

Other heroes to consider are Venomancer, Tinker and Timbersaw, as long you have Aghanim’s Scepter for them.

Recommended Heroes: Crystal Maiden.
Other Heroes: Zeus, Venomancer, Tinker, Timbersaw.

Pest Controller

Within a single victory, deal 2000/3000/5000 damage to enemy buildings, and summon 50/75/100 Treants as Nature’s Prophet.

For this you go the RAT Build. That means, Hand of Midas and then Necronomicon if there are invisible heroes, or straight to Aghanim’s Scepter. From there, Octarine Core and Refresher Orb. Focus on pushing while your team fights and that should be it.

Of course it’s a very risky build, specially when you get Hands of Midas before the 15:00 mark and there are at least 2 hard-carry in the other team, but it's my personal favorite as long the team as good teamfight heroes and some sort of crowd control spells.

The first tower has 1300 HP, while the rest have 1600 HP. For 5000 damage, you need to take a full lane of towers with no help, and another tower. Always seize the opportunity to push a tower.

Try Not To Spill Any

Within a single victory, purchase Bloodstone before the game timer reaches 36:00/30:00/24:00.

Bloodstone it's better than before, so building it as a core item is no more a hindrance. Heroes like Timbersaw and Spirit Storm can benefit greatly from this item, and even Lina and Leshrac. Zeus is also a candidate, but it depends on the lineup.

Recommended Heroes: Timbersaw, Leshrac, Storm Spirit, Death Prophet.
Other Heroes: Lina, Zeus, Ogre Magi, Skywrath Mage

Nobody Expects A Wizard’s Imposition

Within a single victory, kill 5 enemy Heroes before the game timer reaches 30:00/25:00/20:00.

Killing 5 enemy heroes that early can be basically luck, or great early rotation. Well, early rotations (or ganks) can be done with highly mobile heroes who can secure a kill at Level 6 or even before.

From there, Queen of Pain is one of my candidates, as she can storm any lane in a blink. Spirit Breaker is a good option for an aggressive charge. Tusk can punish anybody out of position with his Ice Shards, and timed right, Lina can obliterate anybody with enough time with an early Level 6 at mid.

Just don’t pick Spectre just for this.

Put the Mage in Damage

Within a single victory, deal 7500/12,500/17,500 or more Magic or Pure damage to enemy Heroes.

Magic Damage? Zeus, again. If not, Timbersaw can be a good choice as his spells vary between Pure Damage and Magical Damage. Invoker does a good chunk of damage between these two when he goes the Q-E-Carry-way, and Spectre can live up to this combining Radiance and Desolate.

There are a lot of heroes who can ramp up this Quest, and Nukers are recommended.

Disco Never Dies

Within a single victory, steal 2000/3000/4000 HP from enemy Heroes using Octarine Core as Leshrac.

Octarine Core is a very far away item for Leshrac, so you will have to plan accordingly. Bloodstone is a core item for him, and from there Aghanim’s Scepter could become the next big item. Octarine Core is like “the final frontier”, so unless you are very well farmed, you should go for it and start using your spells ASAP.

Of course, if you can rush it, you are welcome, but mind the gap. Sometimes, it’s better to just build and Eul’s Scepter to land those stuns first.

Arcane Ascension

Within a single victory, perform 3/5/7 two Hero Shackle Shots, and attack enemy Heroes 50/100/200 times with Focus Fire as Windranger.

The very mother of all quests. If you suck landing Shackle Shots, get better. Attacking 200 times is not that difficult, but it counts for the whole match — you will have a lot of opportunities to use Focus Fire on your enemies.

For this, a Blink Dagger (and even a Force Staff) is recommended, mainly because you will need to be at the perfect angle to land the Shackle Shots. Aghanim’s Scepter is also recommended for the Focus Fire cooldown -practically you could use your Ultimate on everything.

Good Luck! Next is Legion Commander’s Path, but until Valve doesn’t release it (and I get to Level 225 someday), it will have to wait.

Graphic Designer graduate. Full Stack Web Developer. Retired Tech & Gaming Editor.

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