Dota 2 Battle Pass: Rigged from the start

It’s not a secret Valve wants your money, but this may be the greediest Battle Pass yet

TL;DR: Don’t buy it if you don’t have at least $200 in cash and 100 days to spend playing Dota 2.

Long gone are those Battle Passes that actually awarded the player for playing DotA 2. This year it seems that Valve went overboard in giving content for those buyers, but practically paywalling the most interesting bits, making it a moot point altogether.

I say practically paywalled because, while you can “level up” for free by doing some innocent chores, as with every Battle Pass moniker has become on the videogame industry, the battle pass expires and there is a lot more uncertainty and complicated mechanics.

The good

I will save you the read and only tell you about the Arcanas. That’s it.

Windrunner Arcana Concept Art — Valve ©

The bad

The idea of progressing in the Battle Pass has been butchered to oblivion. While there are more “activities” that can translate into battle points, which will level up your Battle Pass and give you rewards. And these activities are:

  • Predicting community matches results.
  • Waging tokens — these now give less points than before.
  • Making ⭐⭐⭐ of each hero in the Sideshop (very random).
  • Battle Gauntlet — I hope you have a good team to wing 1,500 points.

If you fail at predicting, wagering and getting heroes in the Sideshop, won’t get many points from these activities. In that case, you may want to spend your time on other mildly certain activities:

  • Cavern Crawl: 60,000 points on completion.
  • Guild Contracts: up to 37,500 points (100 days with 3 top-tier contracts).
  • Achievements: 20,000 points (only most certain).

That means that you could get 100 levels across the Battle Pass duration, if you are willing to play Dota 2 and do most of the chores every day. Consider that the Battle Gauntlet tickets must be bought in the sideshop.

Almost every progression mechanic has been over-complicated into games of chance. The Sideshop is game of chance, and tickets for the Gauntlet cost 100 shards, and to gain those shards you need to spend coins from Guild contracts, that you must pick from the board… you get the idea.

So yeah, this is the worst Battle Pass ever in terms of progression. Unless you have at least USD $200 in cash to spend for just bypassing all mindless chores for digital content, and feel good about it, you will mostly regret wasting money to waste time to have a chance on not wasting time.

The Ugly

For those neoliberals on the crowd, receiving less for paying less seems fair, especially considering that Arcanas (full hero skins) are expensive, but you can’t buy them separately, which forces you to buy levels on the Battle Pass for the one you want. Tough luck if you are only interested in Windrunner arcana (Level 575, whooping $ 200 dollars away from level 100).

I’m not saying the whole Battle Pass should be free, considering the amount of content and effort it goes creating maps, effects, skins, immortal items, and whatnot. I’m saying that it’s not good to lock out content expiration dates and behind games of chance made of more games of chances consisting in games of chance.

But you won’t do SH*T about it

The main problem of all of this is that the community has accepted this. They’re voting with their wallets that this is good, better than any other Battle Pass in the past.

Exhibit A — This year Battle Pass has been a success and doubles the 2015 profit rate.

In other words, they’re happy giving 36 Million Dollars to Valve for this Battle Pass, and I fully expect they give more once the Arcanas are unveiled and the summer event is published.

There is a general believe that you will receive more the more money you collectively give. So, once Valve receives 160 millions dollars, you will get 20 Battle Pass levels at the end of the expiration date, which amounts to 10 dollars for every Battle Pass owner.

This year version is not worse enough to guarantee a mass boicot or protests. The fear of missing out is greater than not having a Battle Pass, let alone telling Valve that this could be better.

So, in any case you were on the fence to buy the Battle Pass for its content and the amount of content behind more paywalls, just don’t. This one is for tempting the whales with cash to burn and matches to play, and if you’re not one of these, you can safely pass on it.

As seen in the graph, and assuming the prize pool is true, the ocean is full of whales.



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